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Volunteer Opportunity 4 Anthology [Jun. 25th, 2007|09:26 am]
Phoenix Volunteers Forum


Hi all-

Here are the details on the Calendar Coordinator Volunteer position. I also have some opportunities later on that I tacked on the end. Let me know if you are interested in taking on any of the opportunities.

The Calendar Coordinator

This is actually a two part role. Part 1 is to create a list of the online places locally in the greater Phoenix area that have event calendars. The idea is to keep that list updated monthly and to send in to me a list of the URL's (web site addresses) of the calendars with their name.

Part 2 is to actually enter Anthology's events into the calendars and to keep them up to date with web links, phone numbers, etc. and to remove outdated listings, etc. For example, I think NewTimes still promotes an event we did at The Anthology Café, which has been closed two years now :).

That's Pretty Much it, so if you want it, send me an email, first come first served, and we can get started.

Other stuff

One of our Board members, Resa Ferreira, is working on a storytelling event called Tellebration for later this year (October/November), and she is looking for 2-5 volunteers to help her. To find out more information, please feel free to email her directly at resa@cox.net.

If anybody's free on Wednesday, we are doing a poetry slam at The Paper Heart, and we can use a greeter at the door. It would be from 8p-11p or so. Email me for details.

We can also use a greeter or two at the new poetry event we are starting July 18th, at The Chyro Arts Venue in Scottsdale. Again, send me an email if you are interested.

Anyone want to help distribute our print Calendar, carpe Diem, Adero Utero? It's a poetry calendar, and if you have a coffeeshop/bookstore or music store nearby to your house, we can drop some copies in the mail for you to drop off.

Got something you want to do? Lemme know, and we'll see if we can make it happen...

Thanks for the support!

Bob Nelson
Executive Director, Anthology, Inc.
PO Box 4411
Mesa, AZ 85211-4411
(480) 461-8200

Anthology’s mission is to promote performance poetry and associated literary arts in the greater Phoenix community by providing opportunities for artists
to perform their work and by making spokenword arts accessible to a diverse audience. More information on Anthology and how you can become a member can be found at http://www.anthology.org .